Church Health & Revitalization

Many churches evaluate the health of their church based on only two things:  finances and attendance. There is an objective, spiritual and clear way to evaluate and elevate church health that goes beyond just attendance and giving.  As a certified "Natural Church Development" coach and trainer, Andy can help your church to become more alive and vibrant than ever before.  His own church has been through this process several times and the results have been lasting and life changing.  The healthier a church is, the more likely it is to fulfill the Great Commission.  It's time to break the "glass ceiling" and reach new levels of impact for Jesus Christ!  Allow Andy to bring you on a journey that will help your church to maximize its God given potential.  

Coaching & Consulting for Pastors

Being a Lead Pastor in this day and age can be stressful and even lonely at times.  Andy has over 20 years of proven experience to draw from.  The mentors in his life have literally hundreds, combined years, of positive, ministry experiences.  His business background and years of pastoral experience have allowed him to serve and help many pastors over the years.  You don't have to "go it alone" and you don't have to "reinvent the wheel."  Andy has so many resources, systems and strategies that can help you to grow through your "now" to the "promises" that God has placed on your heart for your ministry.  Systems, behaviors, strategies, leadership development, staff development, assimilation...the list goes on.  Andy lives and breathes this stuff and has a desire to share and help others. 

Leadership Development

As your personal leadership coach Andy has the resources to help you and your team to grow to the next level. Better leadership, better teamwork, better results and less stress are possible!   Ask about Andy's team development seminar, it will help your team to be more effective than ever before.